Private Treatment Fee Guide

To help you plan for your dental treatment, we have outlined the fees, so you know the anticipated cost ahead of time.

Dental Check-Ups

Treatment Price
New Patient Examination (including necessary x-rays) £70.00
Routine Examination (including necessary x-rays) £35.00
Emergency Appointment £50.00 + Treatment Cost
Dental Hygienist (30 Minutes) £62.00
Composite Fillings (White) from £95.00
Root Canal Treatment from £395.00
Crowns from £425.00
Veneers from £440.00
Bridge from £550.00
Extractions from £95.00
Implants from £2200.00
Invisalign from £3000.00
Teeth Whitening £300.00
Dentures (Partial) from £350.00
Dentures (Full) from £650.00
Mouthguards / Nightguards £85.00
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment from £100.00

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If you are looking for the cost of a specific treatment and it is not listed in the fee guide above, please feel free to contact our office. We are happy to answer your question.

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