General Private Dentistry

We are here to provide exceptional care for all of your dental needs.

Prevention, Restoration, Maintenance and Replacement

We do general dentistry in a compassionate, patient-centred manner. The best approach to reduce the severity of issues and treatment is to identify them early via routine dental examinations and check-ups.

We prioritise preventing cavities, and restoring your teeth. However, during instances when restoration is not possible, we also provide services to replace missing teeth.

A Vast Selection of Private Dentistry Treatments

White Fillings for Cavities and Dental Decay

White fillings, sometimes referred to as dental composites, are tooth-coloured resins used to treat cavities. When there is dental decay, our dentist will remove it, clean the area and repair the tooth with a white filling. Due to their strength, white fillings are advantageous when repaired teeth have to endure high pressures from biting and chewing. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, white fillings blend in with your natural teeth, making the dental restoration much less obvious.

Dental Extractions

Patients experiencing tooth decay, infection and crowding may improve their oral health with a dental extraction. Patients who require braces may also need to have one or two teeth removed to allow their other teeth to move during orthodontic treatment. Our dentist will advise you whether dental extraction is recommended. We can also help with wisdom teeth extraction. Wisdom tooth extraction is done under local or general anaesthesia with no overnight stay required. The operation is done in the safest possible setting, with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and anaesthesia-experienced personnel.

Oral Surgery

When patients require oral surgery, we provide bone augmentation and sinus lift surgery to those undergoing dental implant treatments. A dental bone augmentation treatment increases the bone mass in an area of the jaw that has lost bone or requires more support. Sinus lift surgery is a medical technique that makes dental implant placements easier. Some patients need dental implants, but lack the required bone support. A sinus lift may be helpful because it increases the amount of bone in the area between your molars and premolars. Contact us if you have any questions about whether you are a good candidate for oral surgery.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown may be necessary if you have a broken tooth, weak teeth or a big filling that has to be covered and maintained. Crowns are often used to restore the shape, appearance and function of your tooth, protecting it from further harm. Crowns may be constructed from a variety of materials, depending on your choice for cost, look and longevity. Materials for crowns include metal, ceramic, composite resin, zirconia or porcelain. We can assist you in determining the best crown material for your budget and dental requirements. Our team may recommend getting a crown in a few instances, including: when a patient has had a recent root canal treatment, when a tooth can no longer hold a filling, when a patient is getting a dental bridge and when a dental implant needs to be covered.

Dental Bridge

If you have a few missing teeth that you want replaced, dental bridges may be the solution. A dental bridge is typically built on a metal base, and used when fewer teeth need to be replaced or when the lost teeth are situated on just one side of the mouth. The bridge permanently corrects your bite, and helps maintain your natural face shape. When a tooth is extracted, the teeth around it can shift and become crooked. This may make chewing and speaking difficult. Without a tooth in the lower jaw, an upper tooth may move into the empty area, resulting in uneven teeth. This can cause a change in your bite and increased pressure on your jaw joints and teeth, creating damage and discomfort. This is why it is advisable to get a dental bridge.


Dentures are a type of removable dental device that restore lost teeth and tissue in the mouth. When a patient loses one or more teeth, dentures restore the patient’s ability to eat and talk normally. Dentures also help maintain a natural-looking grin and facial structure, avoiding depressed lower facial features caused by tooth and gum loss. When some natural teeth remain, partial dentures are used to replace the missing teeth. The process of creating your ideal pair of dentures may take many visits spread over several weeks. Moulds and dimensions will be taken precisely by our dentist in Hertford. Following fabrication of the dentures, further appointments and modifications may be necessary to guarantee appropriate fit, function, and look. Additionally, our dentist will offer advice on proper denture maintenance and cleaning.

We Provide the General Dentistry Services You Need

Our aim is for our patients to leave our clinic feeling pleased and satisfied with their dental health. We are always accepting new patients, so feel free to book your dental examination with us today.

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